Full name

Samantha Miceli


I’m a video game Art Director passionate about interactive story-telling.

My primary skills include:
• Ideation / Theme Development
• Previsualization / Concept Art
• Team Leadership

I have an active imagination and love asking the BIG, “What-If” questions. Having been through many product cycles, I also understand the practical side of getting things done.

Modus Operandi:
• Visual Theme Development
I develop, define and research thematic directions, present style guides to the dev team and create concept art.

• UX Methodologies
Studying UX has given me tools to better collaborate, define priorities, prototype and design for the target audience.

• Idea Generation
"New ideas" are composites of disparate ideas. Novel experiences, experimentation, skill-building, meaningful communication and continuing education all feed creativity.

Outside of work, I study, perform and watch as much improv as possible. I also love dancing Lindy-Hop.

Vivie Salon:
“Visual Ideation for Virtual Interactive Experiences”


Workshop Intensive

General Assembly

San Francisco, CA · June, 2013 – August, 2013

User Experience Design Immersive

BFA: Illustration

Rhode Island School of Design


MFA: 3D Computer Arts

Academy of Arts University